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Aleph Zero to Introduce Its Developer Relations Team

Feb 7, 2022

Having in mind the rapid growth of the Aleph Zero ecosystem, we’re excited to announce the foundation of our Developer Relations team. 

The Aleph Zero community is growing, and so are the challenges we face to provide a seamless community experience. One of our priorities regarding this matter includes reaching out to developers who want to build on Aleph Zero. How can we meet this challenge head-on? By building the Developer Relations team! 

Join the Aleph Zero Developer Relations team!

Our core team members have been splitting their time to provide support to projects looking to build on top of Aleph Zero. With the recent influx of interest, we’re seeing a need to expand the team to be able to provide support on multiple fronts.

At the moment, we’re creating a team of tech-savvy individuals who will assist in onboarding founders and their technical teams to the Aleph Zero platform. As the ecosystem develops further, the Developer Relations team will also include staff excelling in crafting effective business models and helping to create self-sufficient teams for the budding projects. This will entail various areas of the project-building or company-building process—from legal and operations, to culture, marketing and product design.

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