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How Aleph Zero and Fractal Ensured a Safe Public Sale

Apr 19, 2022

During 2021’s private and public sales, Aleph Zero cooperated with Fractal to handle KYC processes, resulting in a successful fundraise during which $10 million were raised and 11,565 applicants processed. 

Creating a successful, egalitarian public and private sale requires much thought, effort, and a fair degree of security, as with all things blockchain-related. One of Aleph Zero’s priorities when planning 2021’s sales was ensuring regulatory compliance by conducting KYC procedures. These procedures also ensured participants’ uniqueness and identified risk factors. Enter Fractal, a knowledgeable and experienced team that ticked all the boxes required for this task while ensuring high conversion rates.

Why Did We Partner With Fractal? 

The skillset Fractal brings to the industry proved to be crucial for securing the success of Aleph Zero’s operations. Some of the skills we’d like to highlight are Fractal’s ability to: 

  • Research and validate contributors’ credentials (e.g., ID documents, proof of residency).
  • Ensure that users meet Aleph Zero’s compliance requirements, which involve:
    • AML/PEP checks
    • Liveness checks
    • Residency document checks; to ensure that they are joining from non-restricted regions
  • Expedite the contributors’ onboarding process.

A vital feature of the team behind Fractal is their multifaceted experience which proved invaluable when facing the challenge of managing Aleph Zero’s global audience. The collaborative effort involved the integration of Fractal ID’s API to Aleph Zero’s platform. Fractal also managed multiple user support channels (e.g., mail, Telegram channels), which guaranteed that all queries were answered as promptly as possible. Such a feature enabled investors to reach out to Fractal to gain insights about Aleph Zero’s projects, verify their credentials, and smoothly participate in the public sale. 

Over 11,000 Participants 

During the timespan in which Fractal handled Aleph Zero’s public sale, they managed to assist over eleven thousand applicants, of which 85% met the criteria and were smoothly onboarded to participate in the public offering. The rigor and discipline with which Fractal approached the challenge resulted in the safe onboarding of $10M for the Aleph Zero blockchain initiative. Most importantly, the funding round was safe, secure and compliant with all regulatory requirements. We are thankful to Fractal for the provided assistance and hope to continue this productive partnership.