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Aleph Zero Testnet Level 1 is Live!

Jul 12, 2021

The very first implementation of the Aleph Zero testnet is live.

While the team feels proud of reaching this milestone, it still is very much an experimental implementation. We hope, however, that it will provide our community with even more confidence. We continue to work towards releasing further testnet levels and, ultimately, the mainnet, by improving the performance and stability of the network. We feel that, especially at this stage, an open line with our community is essential to the longevity of Aleph Zero. That’s why we’ve also created a #testnet Discord channel for that specific purpose.

Aleph Zero Discord

Working With the Community

The above goes in line with our main goals for the first level of our testnet:

  1. Strengthen the link with our community and share every important update.
  2. Battle-test the code for bugs, and make sure that the testnet will become as stable as possible.

Bear in mind that while the mainnet Aleph Zero tokens will remain called $AZERO, we refer to the testnet ones as $TZERO.

How to Use the Testnet? 

There are three components to familiarize yourself with in order to use the Aleph Zero testnet. 

1) Aleph Zero web wallet and explorer to transact, and also view your transactions.

Aleph Zero Block Explorer

2) Aleph Zero Faucet to receive free $TZERO tokens.

Aleph Zero Testnet ($TZERO) Faucet

3) (Optional) Polkadot browser extension to easily create and manage your wallet addresses. 

Polkadot.js Browser Extension

Remember to leave your feedback in the #testnet channel on Discord!

Step-by-step Guide: Without the Polkadot Extension

Step 1: Launch the explorer

Go to

Step 2: Open the Accounts tab and create your wallet

Click on the Accounts tab and add an account following the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: Use the Aleph Zero Faucet

Copy your wallet address and paste it into the Aleph Zero Faucet. Make sure to make it rain—your $TZEROs should be available within milliseconds.

Step 4 (Optional): Set up a second wallet

If you’d like to transact between different wallets, you will need to create a second wallet. Repeat instructions from Step 2.

Step 5 (Optional): Transfer $TZERO between your accounts

In the Accounts view, copy the address of a wallet without $TZEROs. Then, choose Send next to the wallet that contains your 10 $TZEROs. Follow the on-screen instructions. 

Step-by-step Guide: With Polkadot Browser Extension 

Step 1: Install the extension

Install the Polkadot browser extension. It will allow you to manage Polkadot-related addresses not only for Aleph Zero but also for all live and test networks in the Polkadot universe. 

Step 2: Create your test wallet 

Choose the “+” sign in the upper right corner

Create a test address using the browser extension. Launch it, click the big plus sign, and continue by copying the mnemonic phrase (you do need to click “Copy to clipboard”) as well as setting up your account name and password.

Step 3: Observe your Accounts tab

Open the Accounts tab. Your browser extension should add your address there automatically.

Step 4: Aleph Zero Faucet

Go to the Aleph Zero Faucet, paste your new address into the widget, and “make it rain”! Within milliseconds, you’ll have 10 $TZERO at your disposal.

Step 5 (Optional): Transfer $TZERO between your accounts

To play around with the testnet, it’s better to have at least two accounts. Create another account following the instructions from Step 2. Afterward, you can start transferring your funds between your accounts; simply click Send next to the address with the funds from the faucet, and choose the other address as a recipient. After confirming the transfer, it should be finalized within milliseconds.

Join the Community!

We would love for you to join the Aleph Zero community and follow the project development via:

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