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Aleph Zero Testnet Update: Removing Inactive Validators and More

Nov 3, 2022

Work on the Aleph Zero Testnet never ceases to stop as we roll out another update that will benefit all users as we set our sights on removing inactive validators, ensuring better performance, adding a new layer of compatibility for consensus messages, and more.

Removing Dead Validators 

One of the crucial elements that make Proof-of-Stake blockchains possible is the symbiotic relationship between validators and nominators. When one of these elements begins to falter, the system ceases to fulfill its function. One challenge that we’ve noticed is the number of dead validators that have been arising, meaning that someone who set up their validator node abandoned their post and ceased producing new blocks. 

To tidy up the blockchain and direct active nominators toward validators fulfilling their end of the bargain, we’ve decided to introduce a mechanism that would remove dead validators in a given era if they surpass a certain threshold of unproduced blocks. We believe this solution will go a long way toward ensuring a space where only proactive users are engaging with the chain. We also want to remind everyone that these upgrades will not require any additional effort from the users of Aleph Zero Testnet. 

Improving the Consensus Mechanism 

We’ve also introduced two new updates that will improve the stability, performance, and runtime of the Aleph Zero blockchain. These updates are as follows: 

  • The network layer that is responsible for the committee establishing consensus has been rewritten; 
  • We’ve introduced a new layer to ensure the compatibility of the consensus messages sent in AlephBFT

Minor Updates, Big Changes

We’ve also introduced a number of less spectacular changes that, although relatively minor, will result in a more satisfying user experience:

  • The build process has been improved to ensure a faster and smaller binary; 
  • All blocks will now be accompanied by their own justifications, which will simplify the logic of several components;
  • A new command has been added to the binary that will allow users to check the version of the binary they are employing;
  • We have updated Substrate to v0.9.28;
  • AlephBFT has been updated to v0.19.1.

It’s the #Buidl Economy! 

We are excited to be able to announce these updates and cannot wait to deliver more. The team behind Aleph Zero is dedicated to the idea of building through thick and thin and has new ideas and solutions that will ensure the sustainability and value of the technological solution that is the Aleph Zero blockchain. Be sure to keep a lookout for the next big update—it’s in the works!