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Aleph Zero and Are Different Projects

Oct 5, 2020

Aleph Zero Foundation decided to clarify the naming coincidence between the Aleph Zero and projects.

Aleph Zero and are being run by separate teams, and they aim to solve different challenges en route to achieving a common goal—widespread adoption of distributed networks. 

Aleph Zero is a DAG-based DLT ecosystem introduced in 2018. It’s run and managed by the Aleph Zero Foundation established in Zug, Switzerland. is a decentralized application network launched in 2019.

Both projects are here to push the industry and the community forward. We want to bend the boundaries of what’s currently possible in the blockchain space, as well as to ensure the growth of decentralized technologies interoperability, scalability, and speed. After all, our space is all about openness and collaboration.

Over the last couple of years, it has become clear that DLT-based projects should not necessarily be direct competitors. Working together—instead of working against each other—leads to better, faster, and more tangible results for the general public. We are all on the way to create an ecosystem where different approaches, ideas, and platforms co-exist in a complementary way

We’re happy to say that the Aleph Zero Foundation fully stands behind those values. 

We remain open to any questions you might have.