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Block54 to Invest in Projects Building on Aleph Zero

Mar 21, 2022

Looking to build on top of Aleph Zero? Good news! Block54 Capital will be happy to review and fund your project. Read on to find out more.

We’re excited to announce Block54’s interest in supporting not only Aleph Zero but also the projects that intend to deploy on the network. This will provide much-needed aid to the creators that plan to debut on the Aleph Zero blockchain. Block54 is staffed with talented developers familiar with developing and delivering quality blockchain products. Besides offering assistance with marketing and technological development, the team behind Block54 is also heavily involved in business consultancy and will happily lead projects through the various developmental challenges. 

Block54 firmly believes that an imminent paradigm shift is on the horizon that will shake the foundations of Web 2.0 as it evolves into Web 3.0. This concept is dear to the minds behind Aleph Zero, as we are also observing the onset of Web 3.0 solutions that will displace many legacy players. We are incredibly happy to have Block54 by our side to support the creators of tomorrow’s web experience.   

Designing the Multichain Future with Block54

A vital ingredient of this new world will be its multichain functionality and a movement towards blockchain-based applications that will not require users to know that they are taking part in the most significant technological revolution of recent years. Aleph Zero has been designed to take advantage of this multichain world as it plans to bridge to Terra, Ethereum, BSC, Cosmos, Kusama, and others. This dedication to building a multichain world was a key feature that attracted Block54 to the Aleph Zero consensus protocol. 

We are keen to explore the potential and possibilities offered by Block54. Partnering with Block54 gives access to a talented team with years of marketing and entrepreneurship experience. More importantly, this experience spans different verticals, offering a thorough insight into today’s most exciting developments in social media, generation Z marketing, and gaming. 

Exciting developments are on the horizon, so we encourage you to keep an eye on our channels for upcoming announcements that will bring to the publics’ eye the next pieces of the ever-growing Aleph Zero ecosystem.