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How to Stake AZERO on the Aleph Zero Mainnet?

Apr 27, 2022

AI Summary

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Top 10 key takeaways:

  1. Staking Launch: Staking is now available on the Aleph Zero Mainnet, enabling users to contribute to network security.
  2. User Guide: A comprehensive guide is provided to help users navigate the staking process.
  3. Staking Basics: The guide covers fundamental concepts of staking AZERO coins.
  4. Staking Menu Overview: Detailed instructions on how to use the staking menu are included.
  5. Starting Staking: Step-by-step directions on initiating the staking process are provided.
  6. Staking Rewards: Information on the rewards users can earn from staking is explained.
  7. Validators: The guide discusses the role of validators in the staking process.
  8. Commission: Details on the commission structure for validators are outlined.
  9. Foundation Nodes: Information on foundation nodes and their function within the network is included.
  10. Helpful Links: The guide is accessible through provided links for easy reference.
AI Summary

Staking has been launched on the Aleph Zero Mainnet, allowing users to finally put their coins to work in safeguarding the network. We have crafted a helpful guide that will answer all your questions on navigating the interface so that you can stake your AZERO in no time! The guide can be found through the links below.