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Dev Portal: making for a smooth onboarding to Aleph Zero

Apr 13, 2023

The Aleph Zero Dev Portal has been released to simplify the onboarding of developers into the world of ink! 4.0 smart contracts and the Aleph Zero ecosystem.

After releasing the smart contracts on Mainnet, we’re introducing a developer resources page–the Dev Portal–for all the builders coming to the Aleph Zero ecosystem.

Learn what it’s about and what you can find there!

Getting into Aleph Zero 

The Dev Portal is here to onboard developers that are new to Aleph Zero and ink! by providing them with a repository of valuable information on how to get started on creating their own smart contracts and decentralized applications. This database will organize information on how Aleph Zero works and in-depth tutorials, along with keeping an up-to-date list of developer tools.

It starts with the basics about Aleph Zero, its consensus protocol, core features, and our ZK and MPC-powered privacy framework known as Liminal. It also explains the differences between WASM and EVM and the reasoning behind the choice to go with the former. You’ll also get an intro to ink! 4.0 programming.

Tutorials and tools

The section where you’ll get down to actual coding and building is the Developer Resources. It guides you through creating your first PSP-22 contracts–the Aleph Zero equivalent of ERC-20–deploying your smart contracts, and even using Shielder, the first ZK app on Aleph Zero.

There’s also a list of helpful tools that make every Aleph Zero developer’s life a bit easier, as well as those that will make it easy to find your way if you’re coming from Solidity.

Consider the list of available resources only in the beginning, as we’re already working on the next set of tutorials. If you have a suggestion as to what other tools should be included, don’t hesitate to reach out on Telegram or Discord!

Why build on Aleph Zero in the first place?

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know why Aleph Zero is the one layer 1 you should keep on your shortlist. But if you need a little encouragement…

Here’s what other builders said about Aleph Zero.

With Aleph Zero, we can decentralize the Interlock logic without revealing how the heuristics work, or what they are computing—which is part of our advantage against malicious actors

Nick, Principal Engineer at Interlock

The progress that Aleph Zero has made is incredible; with proven limitations in EVM, WASM smart contracts written in ink! are the future. As an early and constant supporter of the Aleph Zero ecosystem, we have no doubt about their achievements and are committed to working alongside them to support innovative and disruptive technologies as quickly as possible.

Hieu Dao, Co-founder of Subwallet 

Aleph Zero is at the top of our priority list. It brings an exciting use case for us: private fundraises that could be attractive to enterprises that don’t want to disclose the investment but would benefit from our smart contract-based protection.

Alex Strzesniewski, CEO AngelBlock

Coding Will Commence in 3, 2, 1… 

Now that you have an idea of what to find in the Dev Portal, we can’t wait to see what the developer community will build. Once you’ve mastered smart contracts and are ready to get your idea off the ground, stay on the lookout for Ecosystem Funding Program announcements! This program will take you further to launching a successful application on Aleph Zero–if you have what it takes!

Build your application on Aleph Zero. 

The Dev portal is the best place to start it!

Go to the Dev Portal