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JUN Capital Invests in Aleph Zero

May 7, 2021

We are pleased to announce that JUN Capital has joined Aleph Zero’s seed and strategic round. Tom Sweeney and Sean Noga, JUN’s Managing Partners, will assist Aleph Zero in obtaining relevant partnerships and building further relationships in the space. 

“On behalf of JUN Capital, we are truly proud to announce a strategic partnership with Aleph Zero, a layer 1 protocol that is three years into development. Simply put, $AZERO aims to solve the Miner Extractable Value (MEV) problem on the Ethereum network with on-chain speeds of up to 100’000 transactions per second using novel cryptographic techniques. Moreover, Aleph Zero offers both public and private smart contracts through their integration with Substrate. The team has also published relevant research on secure multi-party computation (MPC) which allows the network to support dark pool liquidity functionality on DeFi dApps.” says Sean Noga, Managing Partner of JUN Capital and CEO of Unizen. We deeply believe that they are uniquely positioned as a massive and immediate contender for worldwide adoption at the highest levels. It’s also worth pointing out that Cardinal Cryptography, the research and development team behind Aleph Zero, received a Web3 Foundation grant for their work on a randomness beacon for Substrate.

“We are highly appreciative of Tom and Sean’s extensive knowledge of the industry,” says Aleph Zero’s Matthew Niemerg. “We can always count on their support through them or their network when discussing cryptoeconomics, our go-to-market strategy, as well as product design.” 

“JUN has been one of the first investment firms that reached out to us during the bear market”, adds Antoni Zolciak from Aleph Zero. “Tom and Sean’s network assistance in the APAC region will be crucial for the technology’s adoption. Moreover, Tom’s prior experience as the head of Garage Ventures in Canada provides us with unique growth opportunities.”

JUN Capital serves as a bridge between the United States, Israel, Europe, Eastern Asia, and Chinese markets for companies building high-technology-based products.

About Aleph Zero 

Aleph Zero is a novel public blockchain with private smart contracts. It’s powered by an original, peer-reviewed DAG consensus protocol that was presented at an ACM conference and integrates the Substrate stack for the smart contract layer. The platform’s unique characteristics include high speed, scalability, and a set of privacy-enhancing features based on the secure multi-party computation research.

Founded in 2018, the project aims to solve shortcomings of current infrastructure layers in several industries such as the Internet of Things, automotive, ESG, and healthcare. Aleph Zero team consists of academics and professionals who gained their experience at various universities, public and private companies, or competitions such as ACM ICPC World Finals, International Mathematics Competition, the Simons Institute, UC-Berkeley, Jagiellonian University, Tsinghua University, ABB, IBM, Stellar, ING Bank, Riverbed Technology, NEAR, EPFL, and more.

About JUN Capital

JUN Capital is an investment fund with offices in Singapore, Saigon, London, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Kyiv, Tokyo, San Diego, and the Bay Area. The team consists of highly experienced, regionally-trusted, and locally-connected partners and senior advisors. JUN proactively sources high-quality token and equity investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency and emerging technology sectors. JUN’s team manages the acceleration and expansion of their clients’ businesses through access to private capital, exchange listing facilitation, liquidity, enterprise adoption, and overall market growth.