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Kudelski Security to offer holistic security support for the Aleph Zero ecosystem

Feb 15, 2023

Kudelski Security has joined the Aleph Zero ecosystem to offer builders a broad set of security support solutions, including security design and code audits.

The Aleph Zero Foundation has joined forces with the leading cybersecurity company, Kudelski Security. The partnership brings essential value to the Aleph Zero builders community, as it will support them in more robust application design and make Aleph Zero users better protected against potential threats to their digital assets.

Kudelski Security support for the Aleph Zero builders

While the overall benefit comes to the whole ecosystem, the resources from Kudelski Security are designed for grantees of the upcoming Ecosystem Funding Program.

To benefit from the partnership, startups will have to undergo the verification process. Its goal is to pick the teams, ideas, and startups that have what it takes to launch successful solutions and products on the Aleph Zero network.

Further details of the Ecosystem Funding Program are coming in the near future.

What benefits will the Aleph Zero builders get from Kudelski Security?

Kudelski Security is one of the most renowned and respected cybersecurity companies active in the Web3 space. Among their work, you can find code audits of post-hack Wormhole, Phantom wallet, IOHK-built products, and many other Web3 and DeFi protocols used by thousands of users. They’ve been leading innovation in the cybersecurity space since 2012 (with a broader Kudelski Group established in 1951), supporting enterprise clients with end-to-end security services, including 24/7 Managed Detection & Response, and are a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum. Kudelski Security has been recognized by Gartner, Forrester, and remains one of the favorites within the Fortune 500 list.

Kudelski Security brings 70+ years of experience in the broader technology design and development to the Aleph Zero ecosystem. The goal of this partnership is to establish an extraordinary level of quality and security for the projects that will be incubated in the upcoming grant program.

The key areas upon which Kudelski Security will be focusing on in the Aleph Zero ecosystem are:

  • security design and architecture support;
  • cost-free and cost-subsidized code audits;
  • reduced waiting time for code audits;
  • security consultations on the Aleph Zero Discord.

The above resources will be available to projects at all stages of development. 

Preceding the launch of the grant and incubation program, the team of Kudelski Security has been undergoing a specialization in the Aleph Zero, Substrate, and ink! technologies, to support the use cases building on the network in a platform-specific manner.

Kudelski Security is looking forward to help implement a robust security culture among the Aleph Zero community. We strongly believe that a security-oriented approach will not only benefit Aleph Zero but the whole Web3 industry. 

Jacques Boschung, Head of Kudelski Security

Welcoming first beneficiaries soon

Kudelski Security’s resources are coming soon to the ecosystem, with a broader set of grants in the incubation program designed to fuel the growth of Aleph Zero. 

Stay tuned as we unveil more details!