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Migrating to New Infrastructure

Nov 8, 2021

To mitigate confusion, we need to communicate a few pieces of information regarding the changes surrounding the infrastructure and domain addresses of the Aleph Zero testnet.

Firstly, the domain addresses and will shortly stop working entirely. This will impact users who have been using third-party tools, especially those who have been exclusively using the wallet hosted on

If you’d like to interact with the chain please use The current domain,, will automatically redirect you. 

Anyone else who’d wish to use their AZERO addresses with external tools—please note that we’ve prepared new domain addresses: and, respectively. 

Secondly, the address will now redirect to

Finally, accessing the testnet wallet through will result in the user being redirected to Users who are taking advantage of the polkadot.js browser extension will be presented with a pop-up requesting access to the new domain. 

Key takeaways: 

Hopefully, these points will help to clarify the ongoing developments and will assuage the concerns these changes may bring. 

Remember that we will always keep you updated on any changes to our chain through the Aleph Zero blog and our social media channels!

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