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Aleph Zero Monthly Update: Smart Contracts and Kudelski Security

Mar 14, 2023

In February, the Aleph Zero team was more visible at many in-person and online events, in addition to executing two significant Testnet updates, continued development on smart contracts, and finalizing a partnership with Kudelski Security. Read on to learn more about what we got up to in the second month of 2023!

Aleph Zero Monthly Update Feb

Ink! 4.0 Stable Release on the Testnet

ink! 4.0

The Ink! 4.0 stable version has been released and subsequently implemented on Aleph Zero’s Testnet. This is the final preparatory step before the release of ink! 4.0 smart contracts on the Mainnet. As per our standard deployment procedure, we will test this version for up to six weeks before pushing it to the Mainnet (provided that there are no major issues). This update is significant for the project as it will enable builders to deploy their contracts on the Mainnet.

Learn more about this testnet release.

The Aleph Zero Testnet Is Now Permissionless.

This means that there is no longer an approval process required to validate on the Testnet, much like the Mainnet. Anyone may now acquire 25k TZERO via the faucet and validate on the Testnet. This is a long-awaited step towards decentralizing the test network.

Ink!athon Dev Meetup in Berlin

The Aleph Zero team, alongside Scio Labs (developer of AZERO Domains), hosted an ink!athon dev meetup in Berlin. This event was an opportunity for keen builders to share ideas, code, and network in a casual environment. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Learn more about this event.

Adam Gągol at the European Blockchain Convention

In February, Adam Gągol shared his thoughts about how to build privacy protocols that black hats will not use at EBC 2023 in Barcelona. At the same conference, Łukasz Plewa from DRKVRS–one of Aleph Zero’s use cases–joined a panel discussion diving into whether metaverse is the next version of the Internet. We’re grateful for all the attention Aleph Zero had, as EBC is one of the biggest events in Europe’s blockchain space!  

Read our summary

Antoni Żółciak at DeFi Retreat Europe


Towards the end of the month, Antoni Żółciak participated in a panel at the exclusive DeFi Retreat Europe in Lisbon. The topic of the panel was ‘Institutional DeFi,’ which is one of Aleph Zero’s focus areas.

Matthew Niemerg on Benzinga Twitter Space

Matthew Niemerg participated in an open mic Twitter Space organized by Benzinga regarding ZK Rollups and their applications on a global scale.

Watch the recording here.

Antoni Żółciak at the European Blockchain Convention

Antoni Żółciak participated in another panel. However, this one was at EBC 2023 in Barcelona to discuss a range of things on the topic of ‘Building Web3’.

ETH Denver ink! Workshop Hosted by Piotr Moczurad

ETH Denver Conference

 One of Aleph Zero’s core developers, Piotr Moczurad, hosted an ink! smart contracts workshop at ETHDenver. An amazing 145+ people signed up to attend the workshop, which was about safe, smart contract development in ink! & Rust.

Learn more about this event.

Magdalena Oleksy’s CoinDesk Article

Aleph Zero’s Ecosystem Lead, Magda Oleksy, authored an article that was published on CoinDesk in February. The article covered ways that Web3 builders require holistic support programs as opposed to the basic provision of capital.

Read the article here.

AMA Featuring AngelBlock’s Alex Strześniewski

Alex Stześniewski—advisor at Aleph Zero, Founder & CEO at AngelBlock, and friend of the team—was featured in an AMA on Aleph Zero’s official Discord server. The AMA was an opportunity for the community to ask questions about AngelBlock, a protocol that allows for non-custodial & on-chain fundraising, transparent vesting, and automated token distribution.

Partnership With Kudelski Security

In February, we announced our partnership with a leading global cybersecurity company, Kudelski Security. Kudelski will be providing holistic security support to Aleph Zero builders as part of our incubation program, including code audits and architecture design support.

Read the full article here

$AZERO Is Live For Trading on Bitget and Changelly

AZERO—Aleph Zero’s native utility coin—is now available on Bitget and Changelly. 

Buy AZERO on Bitget

Buy AZERO on Changelly