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The MOST Mainnet–and Ethereum interoperability–are coming to Aleph Zero in May

Apr 30, 2024

MOST–the bridge between Aleph Zero and Ethereum–goes live on the Mainnet on May 21st, 2024!

MOST is expected to facilitate the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on Aleph Zero by allowing the inflow of liquidity via wrapped assets to the network. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the bridge makes for a simple and convenient way to move assets between Aleph Zero WASM and Ethereum in both directions.

There are still a few final touches needed before this official launch; however, the bulk of the work has been done with the completion of:

  • Testing the security;
  • Verifying Aleph Zero Sync handling;
  • UX/UI testing;
  • Testing integrations;
  • Addressing improvements suggested by Hats Finance and Kudelski Security audits.

Last-mile performance testing for the Aleph Zero and Ethereum bridge 

In laying the foundation for this launch, next week, we will see the finalization of performance improvements of the two major parts of the bridge–relayer and smart contracts–along with non-functional deployment and update procedure testing with the guardians–and infrastructure optimization. These actions will ensure smooth and safe operations post-launch, with effective recovery procedures.

According to these tests and updates, the last changes will be implemented during the week following them. In the same week, the code will be frozen for the launch.

As we come down the homestretch, we want to thank the community for helping out with testing, unwavering support, and patience in waiting for this key milestone for Aleph Zero. We’ll see you on the bridge!