Aleph Zero
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Cardinal Cryptography

Core developer Software developer

Co-founded by Adam Gagol, Antoni Zolciak, Michal Swietek, and Matthew Niemerg, Cardinal Cryptography is the core developer of the Aleph Zero technology — consensus protocol, blockchain, and more.

Cardinal Cryptography is a team of agile software developers, product designers, and marketers responsible for the core development of Aleph Zero and incubating the projects building on top of the network. Cardinal Cryptography is also a recipient of the "Startup of the Year" award by Krakow Technology Park as well as a Web3 Foundation Grant for their work on a randomness beacon for Substrate. The company has been also named one of the top software developers in Poland in 2020 by Clutch while being recognized by AWWWARDS for their design work.

Mar 23, 2022