The post-blockchain protocol

The fastest DLTs in the industry are based on Direct Acyclic Graph. It doesn’t require mining to confirm a new transaction or registry. It uses previous transactions as a mean of transaction confirmation. That is what lays the foundation of fast and secure technology of tomorrow.

Forbes suggests that DAGs are the next natural step for the industry.

But even DAGs need to be elevated to the new level.



Open culture

Global collaboration is what drives change. That’s why Aleph is and always will remain open-sourced, licensed under General Public License. It is open for new projects.


Revolutionary validation

Aleph is the first protocol in the DLT field to validate units before ordering them. This results in faster validation times which enable quick transactions, high frequency trading on a decentralized exchange, and many other use cases.


golden security standards

Asynchronous, leaderless, and Byzantine Fault Tolerant, Aleph resists known vectors of attacks aimed at DLTs and their users. There’s no space left for double-spending, nothing-at-stake, DDoS, bribery, or Sybil attacks.