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The IoT sector is vast and diverse. This technology shares data constantly in order to operate and then stores it on the provider’s servers to improve products or develop user experience. IoT has also often been associated with micro-payments, but current systems that could support these features are cost prohibitive, slow, and centralized.


If a database for IoT devices is centralized, it could be attacked and the data could become compromised. Devices also could be backdoored through a malicious update or receive malicious communications without knowing their validity. Throughput limitations in decentralized options are also a problem. A decentralized protocol for IoT requires a secure, fast, and scalable system. 


What Aleph Zero is doing

Unlike current systems, Aleph Zero is fast, highly scalable, secure, decentralized, and allows low-cost value transfer for any size of transaction. Once it is implemented on IoT networks, with an open-sourced community, we can collaboratively contribute to and produce compelling solutions which cater to devices.