Aleph Zero

Going carbon-negative

Aleph Zero has always been a firm believer that blockchain solutions must be eco-friendly. Read on to discover more about our efforts to decarbonize.

Green is good

We are the first generation to witness the drastic effects of manmade climate change and perhaps the last that can do anything to mitigate the damage.

This is why it's important for everyone to do their part in protecting the natural environment. Eco-friendly blockchains are live and being used today, and we aim to present Aleph Zero as a prime example of the industry’s commitment to addressing sustainability issues.

Building an eco-friendly future for blockchain

Symbolic of our commitment to a greener crypto space was Aleph Zero's joining the Crypto Climate Accord. This initiative aims to work with the crypto and blockchain industry to expedite decarbonization and introduce #ProofOfGreen solutions that will set a new benchmark for other sectors to follow.

The numbers that matter

By leveraging a Proof-of-Stake with the added efficiency of a novel approach to DAG, we’ve reduced energy consumption drastically without sacrificing the security and decentralized nature upon which the future economy will be built.



1,3 kWh

per day

These results were achieved while observing the energy expenditure of one Aleph Zero node of the following tech specification:

  • Memory: 64,0 GiB
  • Processor: Intel® CoreTM i9-10900K CPU @ 3.70 GHz x 20
  • Graphics: AMD® Radeon rx 580 series

0,53 kg CO2

per day

When using the EPA greenhouse gas equivalency calculator, we arrive at the following CO2 footprint:

1 kWh = 0,41 kg CO2

source link

Current # of validators
in the network

167 in the last month, we've produced as much CO2 as:

21k km

Flight of one passenger

Domestic flight.

1 km = 0.133 kg CO2 / per passanger

source link



Washing and drying clothes

8 kg clothes washed at 40°C, tumble-dried.

1 Washing and Drying = 2kg CO2

source link


12 kg

Beef production

1 kg of beef = 221kg CO2

source link

source link


310k gal

Burned gasoline

1 burned gallon of gasoline = 0,008887kg CO2

source link

Our actions

As we are aware of our impact on the climate, we have decided to collaborate with chosen CO2 offset programs.

What's more, we are not content with becoming carbon neutral, our intention is to become carbon negative and contribute to preserving the natural environment.

From Waste to Fuel: Improving Agriculture and Livelihoods in Uganda

  • 75 tones of CO2
  • H2 of 2023

Aleph Zero continues its carbon offset program by once again teaming up with Native and supporting the "Improving Agriculture and Livelihoods Project in Uganda." The project aims to provide 10,000 farming households with a small-scale digester for producing biofuel that will benefit their lives by generating savings, increasing crop yields and incomes, and helping to improve their way of life. Aleph Zero has committed 20 carbon credits to this project.