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Community Contests

Join our contests where you can win unique Aleph Zero swag boxes to show off! We’ll test your creativity and skills–have fun with the rest of the community!

Your Idea Here

We have tested the community's creativity to inspire developers that want to build on Aleph Zero. The task: share your use case idea for Aleph Zero!

Screen Shots!

Once the wallpapers were out, we put them into use with out community! The task: show off your devices with Aleph Zero wallpapers on!

Guess the Alephrase

In Guess the Alephrase contest, the community had to solve quizzes about the Aleph Zero ecosystem that led to 12 riddles. The first to solve them were the winners!


Help yourself! Choose and download your favorite wallpaper.

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Get deeper insights from Aleph Zero's core team, ecosystem projects, and others in the Web3 ecosystem.