Aleph Zero

Ambassador Program

This is an opportunity for our most enthusiastic, empathetic, and creative community members to acquire a special status and help shape the future of Aleph Zero.

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The purpose of the program

Aleph Zero's Brand Ambassadors play an essential role in educating the wider community and collaborating with the core team on translations, community management, running meetups and local conferences, as well as a variety of different activities. Our Ambassadors also have the opportunity to beta-test new features of Aleph Zero and its partner products!

The current program will run through 2022, with participants divided into four cohorts.

At the end of every quarter, we'll be evaluating the submissions from the last three months and reaching out to selected parties. Once accepted, Ambassadors will remain with the program as new Ambassadors are onboarded through the cohorts.

Who are we looking for?

Proactive leaders

with a proven track record of being empathetic and engaging with others online.

Social media experts

who can help us shape the image of Aleph Zero in the years to come.

Quality assurance magicians

who will battle–test Aleph Zero products before releasing them to a wider public.

Relationship builders

who can help to boost Aleph Zero’s visibility and adoption across different industries.

What are the perks?


Help us work on the Aleph Zero ecosystem—assist in tasks such as content, translations, documentation, and more! Bear in mind that executing certain tasks comes with remuneration and might require formal agreements.

Free Aleph Zero swag

Test–drive our branded swag and show your love for the network in the real world!

Exclusive NFTs

As soon as the NFT infrastructure is ready on Aleph Zero, you will receive an exclusive NFT as a network ambassador.

In-house collaboration

You’ll have a direct line of communication to the Aleph Zero core team. We hope that some of these relationships might even convert into opportunities to officially work together!

What will we require?

Your availability

The Ambassador program requires you to be active — please make sure you have the capacity to get involved in it.

Your awesomeness

The Aleph Zero team will be extremely selective when it comes to building the ambassador program. It will be divided into several cohorts from which we seek to select the best and brightest community ambassadors.

Your empathy

Blockchain is one of the most diverse and experimental industries globally, and we want to celebrate that spirit.