Aleph Zero

Utility & economics

Here you will find a thorough overview of the technical aspects of the AZERO coin that are crucial for the functioning of the entire Aleph Zero ecosystem.

Basic metrics

AZERO is the native coin of the Aleph Zero platform and is used to secure the network through staking, pay for fees, and provide a basic unit of account between the multiple subnetworks created on the Aleph Zero platform.

Ticker AZERO

Type Utility

Circulating supply 238,626,499

Total supply 339,522,888

% Staked 71%

# of Wallets 66,261

Inflation 30,000,000 / per year

Volume $662,191

Market cap $201,766,509

AZERO utility

AZERO coin will be the base currency that powers the Aleph Zero ecosystem. It will be used for:

Validator node staking
Discounts on Decentralized Exchange (DEX) swap fees
Collateral for wrapped 
assets in Liminal
Discounts on fees for asset-wrapping and bridging on Liminal
Transaction fees
Governance voting processes

Aleph Zero has obtained a no-action letter from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

FINMA has classified Aleph Zero’s business model as compliant with Swiss law and has stated that there are no authorization requirements under Swiss financial market law for the issuance of the AZERO coin.

This means that the legal and regulatory requirements to launch the Aleph Zero Protocol are met.

AZERO economics

AZERO will be distributed across different network participants and subject to a vesting schedule as follows: