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Deploy Web3 apps that are as fast as legacy solutions. Aleph Zero is a layer 1 that enables teams to deploy scalable, secure, low-cost, and ZK privacy-enhanced products across multiple verticals—from DeFi and gaming to enterprise.

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Mainnet validators

Our collaboration with Aleph Zero is very exciting. With new technical standards and a high level of decentralization, we are working together on the secure Internet of Values.

Dirk Röder

Head of the Web3 Infrastructure & Solutions Team

While aiming for genuine decentralization, Aleph Zero upholds rigorous data privacy and transaction-security standards. Highly versatile, its key strength is that it enables to exchange value online faster, more cheaply and more securely than alternatives.

Technology Fast50 CE Report

Aleph Zero is at the top of our priority list. It brings an exciting use case for us: private fundraises that could be attractive to enterprises that don’t want to disclose the investment but would benefit from our smart contract-based protection.

Alex Strzesniewski


The progress that Aleph Zero has made is incredible; with proven limitations in EVM, WASM smart contracts written in ink! are the future. As an early and constant supporter of the Aleph Zero ecosystem, we have no doubt about their achievements and are committed to working alongside them to support innovative and disruptive technologies as quickly as possible.

Hieu Dao


Aleph Zero is one of the most secure and scalable networks in the industry. We believe many NFT-related projects with real use cases can run effectively on the network. Aleph Zero can be a potential game changer, especially once the privacy layer is fully implemented.

Brian Nguyen


Information submitted by players will remain confidential through the use of Aleph Zero’s Zero-Knowledge proof solutions to ensure that whatever happens in DRKVRS, stays in DRKVRS.

Marcin Kobylecki


We can decentralize the Interlock logic without revealing how the heuristics work, or what they are computing—which is part of our advantage against malicious actors.


Principal Engineer

Applications under development

With the mainnet launch, Aleph Zero has seen a notable initial adoption within the developer community. Our flexible environment will be familiar for builders who are already accustomed with Rust and the Substrate stack.

Explore the ecosystem

Nightly Wallet

Nightly is a non-custodial wallet solution for NEAR, Solana, Aptos, SUI and Aleph Zero.


The identity layer of web3

Flidy Technologies

Flidy Technologies is an African crypto, blockchain, Web 3.0, and meta verse incubator for startups of the future.


Protect your coins behind encrypted hardware with Ledger.


Polkasafe is a non-custodial, enterprise-grade, multisig wallet & SDK, empowering businesses and dApps.

Kudelski Security

Straightforward, strategic cybersecurity consulting able to deliver the most powerful market differentiator of all: trust.


A Secure and Rewarding Lending Protocol


A MetaMask Snap that onboards users to the Aleph Zero network.


Common is a multichain set of tools that brings innovation to on-chain trading. Make your trades fast, private, and respectful of AML/CFT regulations.

Vulture Wallet

Vulture wallet aims to be not just a wallet, but an entirely open-source & non-custodial interface for blockchain.


The identity layer of web3

Tangem Wallet

The first hardware wallet solution for storing your AZERO.

Nova Wallet

Nova is a cryptocurrency wallet for both experienced users and those that are just getting started in the space. The project’s goal is to provide a user-friendly mobile experience for tokens issued using the Substrate framework—such as Aleph Zero.


Panorama Swap is an innovative decentralized exchange built on Aleph Zero.


Polkasafe is a non-custodial, enterprise-grade, multisig wallet & SDK, empowering businesses and dApps.

Driving Web3 adoption

Aleph Zero bridges the gap between scalability, security, developer friendliness, and cost of use. 
Moreover, the network will boast a native privacy stack to further enable you to build solutions that strike the balance between transparency and privacy.

See what’s possible
Automatic tax payment
Wallet & DEX
Smart contracts
Asset digitization
Automatic payments and shared revenue agreement
Supply chain management
Notary signatory
Game assets
Transparent public document access

Community of over 100,000 people

Join us and get involved in a number of ongoing educational activities run not only by the core team but also by the community directly.

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