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Aleph Protocol Got Peer-Reviewed

Aug 21, 2019


Aleph protocol has been peer-reviewed and selected for publication in the proceedings of the Advances in Financial Technologies (AFT). It’s one of the top academic conferences in the distributed ledger space.

Long story short — we’ve always recognized that our tech is awesome and now other people think so as well! Out of 60+ submissions, only 16 were accepted to appear at the conference.

AFT committee consists of world-class academics from MIT, ETH Zurich, Cornell University, and VMware Research among others.

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t mention the sponsors behind the conference, which include Nash, Facebook, Calibra, VMware, and J.P.Morgan.

This is a piece of amazing news for the entire Aleph Zero team. We’ll be happy to present our whitepaper and technology in Zurich during AFT 2019 (October 21–23).

Stay tuned for more, as our awesome research & development team is finalizing the latest paper and will publish it on arXiv next week.

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