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Aleph Zero’s Mainnet Launches Nov 10!

Nov 8, 2021

Aleph Zero Mainnet Launch November 10th

Between the pre-seed and public $AZERO token sales, we’ve managed to raise a total of $14.8M for Aleph Zero!  Your $AZERO tokens will be distributed to your Aleph Zero wallet after the mainnet launch. Once the allotted $AZERO tokens have been distributed to your unique wallet addresses that participated in this raise, the Aleph Zero network will officially be in your hands!

This brings us to our next point — after years of preparation and peer reviews, the Aleph Zero mainnet will officially go live on November 10, 2021! 

Upon launch, the Aleph Zero mainnet will achieve transaction finality in 9 milliseconds and allow for native token transfers. We will continue to push out updates in phases once they have been pressure-tested on the testnet. It is exciting to begin rolling out the Aleph Zero ecosystem in full force! 

The Road Forward

After launching the mainnet, there is still so much to do, and we cannot wait to get to work on the new features that will soon be added. The next step will include introducing validator elections, which will give more power to users. We also plan on rolling out rudimentary smart contract capabilities.  

We have already garnered significant interest from a wide range of legacy and crypto-native organizations for several pilot projects, on-chain integrations, and other partnerships, and we will continue to share more details with you as agreements are finalized. 

The $AZERO token is central to our goal of creating a privacy-enhancing enterprise blockchain ecosystem. Your excitement and support to date have validated our belief that what we’re building here is truly one of a kind. Stay tuned for more updates!