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Aleph Zero Testnet is Now Open to All External Validators

Aug 3, 2022

The Aleph Zero Testnet is now open to all community validators. We’ve made sure that the process is as simple as possible—read on to discover how to run a node, register as a validator, and participate in the network.

To ensure that becoming an Aleph Zero Testnet validator is as easy as possible, we have put together relevant documentation that will take you through the entire process.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the hardware requirements, too.

Once you’ve read the instructions, aspiring validators should have a firm grasp of the following subjects: 

  • Running a node;
  • Registering as a validator;
  • Using the wallet to start validating. 

👉 Access the documentation for validators.

Decentralization of Aleph Zero

As the decentralization of the network progresses in stages, there are some temporary restrictions:

  • The Foundation’s validators will constitute a majority of the validators on the committee. There will be four seats for community validators on the committee (this number will be increased in the future). Bear in mind that validators not elected to the committee will be receiving rewards as well;
  • As means of rudimentary Sybil protection, we ask the validators to fill out a short form where we ask for some node-specific values like the PeerID that allow us to verify that a node is actually running and the submission is not an attack attempt.

In case of any queries, the Aleph Zero team will be offering support through our Discord and Telegram channels.