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What’s coming in Aleph Zero – Learn About The Native Products Coming in 2023

Apr 3, 2023

From improved user experience for staking to privacy and interoperability, here’s an overview of native products coming to Aleph Zero.

Besides over 25 ecosystem projects that are currently under development, the Cardinal Cryptography team—core developer of Aleph Zero–is also working on several native tools to introduce to the platform. 

Aleph Zero Signer

The Aleph Zero Signer is a browser extension that will provide users with a one-stop tool to manage their private keys. It will be possible to sign in with the Signer to the Aleph Zero Dashboard and the accompanying accounts for a seamless user experience. Note that Signer is not a wallet but rather a secret-holding solution.

Aleph Zero Dashboard  

The Aleph Zero Dashboard will be an ongoing project that will provide the basic functions of the web wallet. The first iteration of the Dashboard will allow to seamlessly manage bonding, unbonding, staking, and browsing different statistics. The second iteration will also enable coin transfers and address book.


Liminal 1.0

The first iteration of Liminal will debut in 2023, providing the first glimpse of our privacy-enhancing layer. Liminal 1.0 will provide zero-knowledge solutions and a Shielder to enable all sorts of anonymity-based solutions, such as private voting and general private token interaction with smart contracts. Before it will be made publicly available, it will have to offer compliance mechanisms.

Liminal 2.0 – the road ahead

Liminal 2.0 is the full version of our privacy-enhancing layer and will enable massive progress of the Liminal project in terms of its capabilities. It is at this point that the project will boast both zero-knowledge proofs and secure multi-party computations to ensure user privacy.

Zero-knowledge proofs guarantee that a party can prove knowledge of a secret without divulging its contents, whereas secure multi-party computation allows performing computations on secrets that are scattered among several nodes. This ensures that no one party knows the entire secret; hence this primitive can be used to create a smart contract with a private internal state. 

Interoperability Integrations 

Building the foundations for Aleph Zero’s integration into the broader multichain blockchain world is a high priority for 2023. We’ve recently leased a parachain slot in the Polkadot ecosystem, bridging these two ecosystems in a bid to create new possibilities for developers and to provide newfound sources of liquidity. Here’s how it will work.

Additionally, we are also planning to connect to one or more of the cross-chain communication protocols for Web3. This infrastructure will enable dApp users to interact with any asset or application across multiple chains and Aleph Zero in a user-friendly manner. 


This year will also see the release of the initial version of a decentralized exchange dubbed Common. One of the main goals of the project is to provide the DeFi space with a DEX that minimizes the maximal extractable value (MEV) problem, thanks to its unique architecture, as well as privacy-enhancing capabilities across multiple digital assets

Opening up the ecosystem

After the successful release of the smart contracts, Aleph Zero welcomes the first projects in the ecosystem that benefit from the fast finality, security, and decentralization of Aleph Zero, to name a few benefits of using the network.

So far, there are several notable use cases building on Aleph Zero that have already released their projects or plan to do so in the coming months. Here’s a teaser of the ones you might not have heard about before:

  1. Pilot of one of the first European securities exchanges built under the DLT Pilot Regime. 
  2. Pilot for a liquidity solution for rural banks in South-East Asia.
  3. And more! 

We can’t wait for their respective announcements, in addition to over 20 applications that have already come out of the shadows and are listed on the Ecosystem subpage.

And while we’re at it…

Meet abax – a fair lending protocol on Aleph Zero

Already featured in the upcoming Ecosystem Funding Program, Abax is a new lending and borrowing protocol with fair interest rates and an interesting risk management model.

The team behind Abax has been building the solution for the last few months and it has been made public today. If you’d like to learn more and join their governance DAO, head over to

The Road Forward For Aleph Zero 

These are just some of the milestones Aleph Zero intends to attain this year. All of these developments will benefit the creation of a community of builders, developers, and users as the movement towards a Web3 world continues to gain momentum. 

As always, Aleph Zero wants to be at the forefront of this new web paradigm, one which will be built out of love for user-friendly design and, most importantly, a deep respect for privacy and individual data ownership.