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ArtZero – NFT Marketplace Built on Aleph Zero

Feb 10, 2023

Meet ArtZero, a new NFT Marketplace built on Aleph Zero that goes beyond the typical definition of NFTs by adding novel utilities and supporting real use cases.

ArtZero is an exciting NFT-oriented project currently being built on the Aleph Zero platform. It is already available as a demo on the Testnet and is planned for an official launch in the first quarter of 2023 once smart contracts are live on the Mainnet.

Learn more about ArtZero and what use cases it brings to the Aleph Zero ecosystem.

How ArtZero plans to stand out?

ArtZero is the first NFT marketplace built on Aleph Zero, as the origins of this project go back to before the mainnet release. The team behind ArtZero has years of experience in the Web3 space, having previously done software outsourcing for blockchain dapps and working on many blockchains, including Ethereum, TRON, Solana, and Near.

As the team from ArtZero states on their website, their NFT marketplace will cater to a broad selection of users that will allow them to create, bid, sell, or collect Aleph Zero-based NFTs. Additionally, the ArtZero team will be deploying their native Praying Mantis Predators (PMP) NFT collection, which can be staked by the buyer for additional privileges, such as discounted platform fees.

The ArtZero team claims to ensure the project’s sustainability through the following income streams:

  • Transaction Fee for each NFT sale (up to 5%, with up to 90% reduction available);
  • Creation of NFT collections or launchpad projects;
  • Rewards are collected from the ArtZero validator node.

The ArtZero team has communicated that it plans to introduce a community-growth model coming from the validating rewards of their node and platform fees. In June 2022, ArtZero launched the early contributor program, which resulted in the sale of 2500 PMP NFTs. After the platform launches, the team plans to deploy an additional 5000 PMP NFTs to the public at large.

Focusing on casual and power users

ArtZero provides an NFT minting experience tailored both to less technical users as well as to those that want to launch NFT collections with more advanced capabilities.

That is done by enabling them to use the platform in two modes.

  • Simple Mode is designed for those creators with less technical backgrounds who simply want to post their artwork on the marketplace. NFT Creators can enter their information on the website through a dedicated form which will result in the collection being created on-chain using ArtZero’s standard NFT smart contract.
  • Advanced mode is designed for those who wish to use customized NFT smart contracts. An example of this in practice would be creating dedicated 5k or 10k collections with whitelisted options. 

The ArtZero roadmap 

ArtZero so far has published a roadmap that is currently divided into three phases. The team has completed two phases of their plan according to schedule and is currently working on executing Phase 3 to completion. 

Phase 1. 

  • Launch an early contribution program;
  • First airdrop program.

Phase 2.

  • Smartnet demo for public tests;
  • Bug bounty program;
  • Close early contribution programs and upgrade incentive programs for contributors.

Phase 3.

  • Testnet demo for public tests;
  • Set up the validator node;
  • Mainnet launch;
  • Multi-chain support;
  • Complete a Token Staking/NFT Yield Farming platform on Ink Whale that will allow NFT Stakers to earn rewards for locking up tokens or NFTs on the Aleph Zero Network. The MVP is completed and is currently being troubleshot by the team and partners;
  • Create an Ecosystem Building Funds to support NFT-related projects in the Aleph Zero Network.

ArtZero has recently concluded a code review that ensured that the technical and implementation aspects of smart contracts used in the platform are secure. More on that on auditor’s Medium

If you want to learn more about their progress and stay up to date, follow ArtZero’s official channels!

Telegram | Twitter | Medium | Discord 

Why ArtZero decided to build on Aleph Zero?

“Aleph Zero is one of the most secure and scalable networks in the industry. We believe many NFT-related projects with real use cases can run effectively on the network. Aleph Zero can be a potential game changer, especially once the privacy layer is fully implemented.”

Brian Nguyen – co-founder of ArtZero

The team behind Aleph Zero believes that Web3 will introduce new ways for artists and creators to profit from their work, and NFT is definitely the technology that can make that happen. ArtZero is a promising project to bring that vision to the Aleph Zero ecosystem.

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