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$AZERO as an Official Ticker Symbol of Aleph Zero

Apr 7, 2021

Aleph Zero’s official ticker symbol will be $AZERO. The team behind the project will use this abbreviation throughout social media and on all other relevant platforms starting today.

Initially, the team behind Aleph Zero looked to $A0 as the default ticker symbol. Over time, however, the concerns surrounding the fact that it’s not linkable on various social media outlets have grown, and we were faced with a decision to make. Should we use an abbreviation that can generate significant opportunity cost? 

The short answer is—no. Building organic visibility in the blockchain space, or any space for that matter, takes time. We need to utilize every resource at our disposal to show that we’re out there, and that Aleph Zero is a superior alternative for all the developers looking for a fast and scalable architecture. Therefore, having a ticker that would make it more difficult for project advocates to spread the message was not the right way to go. While the common knowledge states that tickers can consist of “letters, numbers, or a combination of both”, the real-world proves that letter-only symbols have the most traction. 

That’s why we’ve asked our communities on Telegram and Discord to assist in choosing a ticker we’d all feel comfortable with. After a series of polls held on the platforms, a viable alternative has been chosen following the initial suggestion from Christopher, one of Aleph Zero community members from France.

We feel fortunate and lucky to have a fantastic community supporting the project—which makes accomplishing certain tasks easier than before.

Aleph Zero official ticker: $AZERO
Aleph Zero recommended hashtags: #A0, #alephzero, #AZERO