Aleph Zero


Software developer Incubator Security Tools

ink! smart contracts experts that provide audits, tech advisory and onboards businesses to Web3

Brushfam onboards businesses to the WASM ecosystem and builds reliable open-source infrastructure tools:

  • OpenBrush — a library for smart contract development on ink! that provides standard contracts (based on PSP), as well as useful contracts and macros to help developers build ink! smart contracts.
  • Sol2ink! — a tool for easy migration from Solidity to Ink! and Rust helps projects/ teams migrate their smart contracts from Solidity to Polkadot's ink!.
  • Typechain — created to improve developersʼ experience with deployment & integration testing of ink! smart contracts.

Brushfam is not only empowering Substrate-based chains such as Aleph Zero or Polkadot, but also provides services to empower Web 3 businesses:

  • ink! smart contracts security audits
  • ink! advisory focused on overall team mentorship, code quality, and security suggestions.
  • migration advisory, and technical consultation for teams who want to migrate their projects from Solidity to ink!

May 19, 2023