Aleph Zero

The team

We want to see the world more fair and transparent. We are building the missing puzzles in order to see our vision come true.

Meet us!

The team working on Aleph Zero continues to grow and now consists of over 40 members contributing towards the network’s development and adoption.

The list of previous accomplishments of individual Aleph Zero team members includes ACM ICPC World Finals, first prize in International Mathematics Competition, or Simons-Berkeley Research Fellowship.

On the business front, the Aleph Zero team members gained experience at organizations such as IBM, ABB, Stellar, Codewise, Capgemini, ING Bank, Admind Agency, TIBCO Software, Google, Uber, or Riverbed Technology.


Team members

60 K+

Happy users and

$15 M

in VC & community


Dedicated towards
ecosystem growth

0,53 kg

Daily CO2 emission
of one node

Founding team

Research and development

Aleph Zero's core developer and a Web3 venture studio focused on incubating projects seeking to utilize the technology. Cardinal Cryptography, together with the Aleph Zero Foundation, provides research, development, and marketing support for anyone seeking to deploy on top of the network. 

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Cardinal / Development

Cardinal & AZF/ Marketing & Business


Partners & investors

Ready to join us?

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our job offers which will put you at the forefront of Web3. Let's build it together; let's build it better.

Ambassador Program

Support the Aleph Zero core team through community and marketing initiatives while accumulating rewards.