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Wallet & DEX

Creating a true universal wallet for cryptocurrencies is one of the major directions of Aleph Zero development. The problem with many current solutions is that, although they are used to store keys for decentralized currencies, they are centralized themselves. This makes them easier to attack or manipulate, and therefore the security of the assets is not guaranteed.


What Aleph Zero is doing

That’s why we propose a truly decentralized wallet – Common Wallet – running on the Aleph Zero protocol that can technically operate with any other cryptocurrency, starting from the most popular Bitcoin and Ether to other less popular ones.

Thanks to Aleph Zero being a DAG, the protocol is mining-free, meaning minimal transaction fees. Its decentralized security brings it to the completely trustless level, while the speed of Aleph lets you finally transact with Bitcoin in just a few seconds. This subsequently enables the creation of decentralized exchanges for high-scale cryptocurrency trading as well.

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