Aleph Zero
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Supply chain management

Supply chain management is extremely complex. The process of creating and distributing goods involves payments, invoices, multiple entities responsible for providing services, and thousands of computational decisions across multiple international locations, and it can cost significant capital and time to be custom tailored. 


What Aleph Zero is doing

Aleph Zero can solve many problems within supply chains. For example, a currency stored on the Aleph Zero protocol could simplify payments and accounting. The full history of production, logistics, and distribution could be added to the Aleph Zero network, creating a consistently synchronized and fast distributed record that can be trusted.

Everyone would be able to track down the product from the shop shelf, to its transportation, to the origin of where it was produced. This might incentivize companies to transparently prove they aren’t doing things like testing cosmetics on animals or using child labors for their products. An entity could award certificates by verifying vendors’ activities

Additionally, further simplification of supply chains might lead to lower prices of products and improved quality.