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Aleph Zero’s Proof-of-Concept Released on GitHub

Aug 21, 2019

It’s been over a year since we started working on Aleph Zero. Our goal is to create a secure, scalable, decentralized Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) where free value transfers are achievable.

We had a theory, and we had the mathematical proofs, but we also desired to confirm it in practice.

We built a Python prototype that is:

—Scalable: we achieved 100,000 transactions per second on 128 nodes.

—Decentralized: large, random committee. In our upcoming Golang implementation, we‘re going to introduce a rotating committee to decentralize our DAG network.

— equipped with Free Value Transfer Transactions. Our protocol is both computational and very data-efficient, enabling free value transactions.

Our first implementation was created in Python—a popular prototyping language. “Releasing the source code is absolutely essential in crypto”, says Michal Swietek, Aleph Zero’s Chief Product Officer. “Public blockchains should be community-driven, and that can’t be achieved without an open-sourced code.”

Everything we did so far is open-sourced, and licensed under LGPL. We didn’t yet choose a license for our upcoming alfanet Golang implementation.

We want to enable collaboration as well as to open Aleph Zero for the help of the global developer community. Moreover, the more eyes we get on the code, the more secure it will become.

“We wanted to implement the first version of the protocol to see how well it performs, as well as understand where are the bottlenecks.”, Michal Swietek explains. “Python is perfect for rapid prototyping and experimenting with different solutions. In due course, we’ve learned a lot—and that resulted in a new version of the protocol that is both simpler and more efficient.”

Feel free to:

— play around with our Proof-of-Concept implementation on GitHub

— read our peer-reviewed white paper

If you wish, you can also get familiar with our development team.


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