Our Vision

We can make decentralized databases as fast as the centralized ones

Usability matters most in the blockchain space. In order to be usable, we need to solve the speed and scalability changes that block the mass adoption of Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Although blockchain is now a mainstream topic, existing solutions lack the performance, security, and speed to be utilized for practical applications by developers and organizations. This what inspired us to create a platform that is user-friendly, fast, scalable, secure and trusted to store confidential data.

Our protocol will provide the performance and flexibility that are necessary for the bases of real-world applications. Join us as we create Aleph Zero.

About the Foundation

Aleph Zero Foundation is commited to making a more open world

The primary goal of the foundation is to create an open and community-driven ecosystem. We’re driven by principles set forth by giants in the open-source ecosystem like Mozilla, Linux, and Ethereum.

Our number one priority is giving ownership of the internet back to society at large. The foundation’s purpose is to promote and develop new technologies and applications with a focus on open source and decentralized software.

We know there is a need for transparency, trust and innovative real-world applications built with DLTs.