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Aleph Zero ($AZERO) Public Sale Announcement: October 5th

Sep 23, 2021

UPDATE: Due to the number of requests Aleph Zero and our 3rd party partners are receiving, we decided to postpone the public sale by a week. The original date was September 27th for the early community and September 28th for the general public. The new dates are October 4th for the early community and October 5th for the general public. We believe this will ensure a fair process as well as enough time to process and resolve any outstanding queries.

We’re thrilled to announce that the public token sale for the $AZERO token will kick off on October 5th, 2021

If you’re looking to secure a spot, please make sure to undergo a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process at the Aleph Zero Contribute platform. While we can’t guarantee that everyone will receive an allocation in the public sale, it will definitely help to streamline the process.

Additionally, we will be opening the public sale for those who didn’t make it into the pre-sale one day before it’s available for everyone else—on October 4th. If you’ve signed up for the Aleph Zero pre-sale until the end of July 2021, you can count yourself as a part of that group. Everyone eligible will receive an email in the following days.

Public Sale Process Summary

The process is the following: 

1. Doing KYC is the first step. 

2. Then, the people who were on the early supporters list (meaning: they signed up prior to the end of July, 2021) get contacted by the team a day before the open-for-all public sale. 

3. The rest of the interested parties who KYC in the current process are invited to participate in the official launch of the public sale on the 28th. 

4. We can’t guarantee a spot in the open public sale as we don’t know how many people will successfully pass the KYC at the moment. 

5. We’ll be able to give reasonable estimates in real-time as we see the KYC numbers grow.

Please bear in mind that your allocation is not guaranteed.

Next Milestone for Aleph Zero

This token sale represents a major milestone in Aleph Zero’s ongoing evolution. The $AZERO token is central to our goal to create a privacy-enhancing enterprise blockchain ecosystem.

Of the 180,000,000 tokens constituting $AZERO’s initial token supply, 100,000,000 have been reserved for the two early community rounds (2019 and 2020), seed round in 2020/2021, presale, and public sale.

This round — the free-for-all public sale—will have no lockup period. 30,000,000 coins will be sold. And while $AZERO’s private token sale is fully subscribed, we’ve done our best to ensure that the public token sale price is as close as possible to the pre-seed price ($0.04 back in 2018) to the benefit of our entire community. 

Initial token sale allocations are as follows:

  • $2M in pre-seed (founders, friends, family);
  • $2.9M in seed;
  • $6.9M for the two early community rounds from 2019 and 2020, as well as public pre-sale from 2021;
  • $3M for the public sale (early bird + general sale).

The full amount that the Aleph Zero team is raising is up to $14.8M. One of our partners, Black Dragon, was kind enough to put together an independent tokenomics sheet.

We look forward to participation from our diverse global community, but note that due to regulatory constraints, $AZERO’s public token sale will not be open to investors in the following countries: 

  • US;
  • China;
  • North Korea;
  • Syria;
  • Iran.

We’re grateful for all your support to date and look forward to seeing you play a larger role within the Aleph Zero ecosystem using your $AZERO tokens!

KYC for the Public Sale is Now Open

We’re hosting the public sale via our own Aleph Zero Contribute platform. Here’s what the public sale is not: 

  • It’s not an IEO;
  • It’s not an IDO. 

The public sale requires:

  • A KYC process with Fractal ID;
  • A contribution in USDT or USDC (ERC-20);
  • Signing an Early Contributors Agreement with the Aleph Zero Foundation.

The Aleph Zero Contribute platform is where you’ll find all the relevant information about participation in the KYC process. Here’s how it works: 

  • Generate your user account based on your email address and one-time login codes (dispatched to you following every login attempt). 
  • Participate in the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process with our provider, Fractal ID, where you’ll be asked to:
    • Verify your ID;
    • Undergo a liveness check;
    • Undergo a face match check;
    • Undergo an AML check;
    • Provide a Proof of Address.
  • After the above is concluded, please give us time to evaluate all the submissions, and our provider to accept or reject your submissions.
  • The public sale will begin on September, 28th. The exact ticket sizes will be disclosed closer to the launch date. 

We will be releasing more details and walk-throughs in the following days. In the meantime, make sure you familiarize yourself with the Public Sale FAQ.

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