Aleph Zero

Welcome to
The Button Game

Click The Button when the time is right! Test smart contracts, explore strategies, and win rewards!

Make it count

Get reward tokens and swap them for AZERO. But there's more to it!

  1. In each round, The Button lives for 90,000 blocks.
  2. Clicking the Button resets the timer.
  3. Each click costs one game ticket.
  4. The last to click The Button gets half the total rewards of the round.
  5. Each player gets a reward! The distribution differs between game modes.
  6. Experiment with all game types to find the best strategy!

How to get the ticket?

Tickets have been distributed to all AZERO stakers. Connect your wallet to the game and see for yourself!

Choose your strategy

It’s not as simple as “just” clicking The Button. Play by the rules or find ways around them–anything goes! There are many winning strategies to the game. Including hacking!

Click it quick!

The earlier you click in a round, the higher the UBIK reward you get.

Steady… Wait for it…

The longer you wait, the better! The more time has passed since the previous press, the higher the CYBERIAD reward.

He who is last shall be first.

The more players pressed The Button before you, the higher the LONO reward* you get.
*the N-th Presser gets N reward tokens.

Break it, Use it

We’re not gonna lie–developers have a serious advantage here. Look into the code and find additional ways to win. Do whatever you need!

Ticket trading is not and won’t be supported by the platform natively. But you’re the owner. Do anything you want with your tickets and build anything you want for them!


See how it's made

The Button was created to demonstrate the speed and instant finality that Aleph Zero smart contracts offer. The ability to sustain a game that requires transactions to be appended to the blockchain instantaneously is proof of Aleph Zero's speed while also showing that Web3 solutions are capable of scalability and mass adoption.

Join the clicking craze

Find your strategy and win!