Aleph Zero
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Transparent public document access

Government transparency that enables trust and accountability is one of the pillars of democracy. Such transparency allows media, independent auditors, and regular people to assess the government’s actions. Similar principles apply to business, as well.


General transparency might not be suitable for all cases, however, especially when it comes to matters of national security or sensitive business intelligence and IP. A network that can be both a public and private ledger capabilities is needed. 

The public network can work under this paradigm as a hub and is suitable for holding the data that can and should be accessible by the general public. On the other hand, some private chains connected to the public record can enhance the security of other aspects of governing while still operating with access control internally.


What Aleph Zero is doing

Using Aleph Zero striked the balance between transparency and privacy. It can improve efficiency in many areas of governing and business and improve the communication of the two with citizens. Besides the obvious benefit that a decentralized ledger can reduce the amount of paperwork and compliance, it can also bring innovations like algorithmic laws that would be sufficient for emerging technologies, rather than putting them into grey areas as often happens now.