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Aleph Zero joins PKO Bank and Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs in Degen Hack

Feb 12, 2024

Missed CTRL+Hack+ZK? Here’s your new chance to build on Aleph Zero and win the bounties! Learn more about Degen Hack, the hackathon and conference event organized with the support of the largest Polish bank–PKO BP–and the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs.

Hackathons are a great way to familiarize Web3 builders with the Aleph Zero technology and bring exciting new use cases to the network. This is why–just after CTRL+Hack+ZK has been concluded–we’re joining Degen Hack to offer another opportunity for web3 hackers.

The conference and hackathon start on February 16th (this Friday!) and last over the weekend until February 18th.

As previously–we’ll be in some good company!

What is Degen Hack?

Degen Hack is a Web3 hackathon and conference focused on creating business solutions. It encourages participants to leverage blockchain technology to develop innovative applications that can address real-world business challenges.

You can read more about the hackathon and submit your application on

Degen Hack is organized by Degen House, a blockchain solutions provider, both as a physical event in the buildings of PKO BP and as a virtual one–anyone can join in whatever form they like!

There are several notable supporters of the event:

PKO BP – PKO BP is the largest Polish bank that is embracing blockchain innovation on many levels. It offers one of the tracks in Degen Hack and has already incorporated private blockchain in its operations. They are also working on a platform based on a public blockchain network, which will be used to record other documents generated by the bank for customers. You can read more on blockchain in PKO BP on their website.

Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs – the Polish government is committed to leveraging blockchain for public service modernization and digital economy growth within the EU’s regulatory framework. The Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs has already presented initiatives, such as the “From paper to digital Poland” program that aims to enhance digital public services, cashless solutions, and electronic identification systems through blockchain.

GovTech Polska – a task force within the Prime Minister’s Chancellery in Poland, drives innovation across the public sector by fostering collaboration between government, private sector, and civic organizations. It supports strategic digital initiatives and the adoption of disruptive technologies to enhance public services. GovTech Polska’s projects range from educational platforms to large-scale hackathons and legislative changes for remote governance, demonstrating its commitment to leveraging technology for societal benefit.

Among other strategic partners of Degen Hack, you’ll see Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association, Polish Blockchain Association, Next Block Expo, ETH Warsaw, and renowned universities, such as Krakow’s AGH University of Science and Technology and the University of Silesia in Katowice. We’ll also be joined by Properly Studio–the design studio working with Aleph Zero and the projects in the EFP.

As part of our involvement in Degen Hack, Antoni Żółciak, the co-founder of Aleph Zero will join a panel titled “Bridging the gap: How blockchain projects and traditional businesses can thrive together”. Feel invited if you’re around! The conference part takes place in Rotunda, the building of the flagship PKO BP branch.

Prepare your best ideas!

Hackers who join the Aleph Zero bounty can win rewards in a pool of $12,000.

There’s a general bounty that invites builders to explore the Aleph Zero ecosystem and offer any solution that expands its value proposition and capabilities.

Among the suggested projects, there are:

  • Degen/DeFi
  • Tooling and Infrastructure
  • Gaming
  • Business Solutions

We’re looking forward to seeing the submissions! 

Join Degen Hack on February 16th–18th!