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Aleph Zero MetaMask Snap project reaches new milestone

Jun 7, 2023

Progress has been made towards onboarding Web3 users to the Aleph Zero network via MetaMask Snaps. Here’s what went into the recent developments.

The Ecosystem Funding Program (EFP) grantee, which aims to create a MetaMask Snap for Aleph Zero, has made substantial progress on this front and reached a new milestone.

Projects in the EFP get grants paid out in parts based on certain milestones they agree upon with the grant committee. This is effectively a roadmap with tangible deliverables. Once the set of deliverables for a milestone is met, another part of the grant is paid out–up until successful release. As such, milestones are essential for incentivization for EFP projects to progress in their development. 

What is MetaMask Snap?

MetaMask Snaps is an open-source platform that can be used by developers to extend the functionality of MetaMask. Developers can create snaps for L1s, L2s, APIs, identity and other use cases unsupported in the standard MetaMask.

You can read more about the Aleph Zero Snap project on MetaMask’s blog.

What milestones has the MetaMask Snap project reached thus far?

The project has moved significantly towards deploying the Snap for Aleph Zero. Among the completed deliverables, there are:

  • Enabling transaction signing (the Substrate extrinsic)
    • Sign and send
    • Enabling offline signing
    • The signing key is derived from BIP44 entropy from MetaMask
    • Currently supports only one default key
  • Deploying the Snap on a Testnet
    • Works with Testnet validator with a custom config
    • Requires permissive CORS settings on the server side
  • Other tasks: Creating the TS adapter, deploying the Snap to npm, etc

Here’s a scheme of how it works.

Making strides towards onboarding Web3 users to Aleph Zero

We are delighted with the developments and cannot wait to see future progress for the MetaMask Snap! These milestones indicate that we are many steps closer to making the most popular non-custodial crypto wallet solution work with Aleph Zero.

If you would like to build on Aleph Zero with the support of domain experts and the EFP grant program, apply here

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