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Aleph Zero to Partner with Skynet Trading

Nov 19, 2021

Skynet Trading will be collaborating with Aleph Zero to provide boutique solutions to market-making and liquidity challenges. 

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been making waves since 2020. It revolutionizes how humanity conducts business and provides an alternative to legacy systems. At Aleph Zero, we’re building a new infrastructure for both DeFi as well as enterprises. What’s more, we’re also preparing to enter a variety of markets around the world. This explains our interest in establishing a partnership with Skynet Trading. 

Skynet Trading is a licensed boutique firm providing institutional-grade liquidity solutions to token issuers and cryptocurrency exchanges. Multiple projects with a combined market capitalization of over 50B USD take advantage of Skynet’s support. From the market-making perspective, Skynet Trading trades over 500M USD daily.

Skynet Trading is excited to be working with Aleph Zero. The Aleph Zero network offers both scalability and privacy to serve both enterprises and users globally. We’re looking forward to bring our expertise and connections in both centralized and decentralized exchange liquidity to the project.

Pancho Vanhees, CTO at Skynet Trading

Over the years Skynet Trading has invested in over 30 projects including Elrond Network, Terra Blockchain, SKALE Network, and Benqi Finance. 

Skynet Trading has extensive experience helping projects make a smooth transition from fundraising to public listings and long-term trading support. All of these points have made us exceptionally confident that the partnership with Skynet Trading will be nothing less than fruitful! 

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