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Archblock unveils Aleph Zero’s first native stablecoin–1USD–with privacy-enhancing features

Apr 10, 2024

Bridging the gap between blockchain transparency and TradFi with a secure, compliant, privacy-enhanced medium of exchange.

The launch of 1USD with fiat-backed stablecoin innovator Archblock represents a major milestone for the Aleph Zero network–and a big leap forward in the wider growth of privacy-focused stablecoin solutions. As the first stablecoin to go live on Aleph Zero’s unique layer-1 blockchain infrastructure, 1USD will provide users with a dependable, secure, compliant, and privacy-focused medium of exchange, which is fully backed by cash and cash equivalents at a ratio of 1 to 1 with the US dollar. 

Helping raise adoption: A stable offering for individuals–and institutions–to transact securely and privately 

The transparency of traditional public blockchains is generally viewed as a benefit that fosters trust and accountability. However, this is a wide deviation from the level of privacy that users in traditional finance are accustomed to–and demand. 

Many argue that the transparency inherent in public blockchains is standing in the way of widespread cryptocurrency adoption. As is the case with many stablecoins, wallet balances and transactions are completely visible–and this is deterring both individuals and institutions alike from embracing these assets wholeheartedly.

From Aleph Zero to 1USD: Bridging the gap between blockchain transparency and TradFi privacy 

In leveraging Aleph Zero’s cutting-edge privacy features, 1USD seeks to solve the challenges mentioned above by bringing all the stability of a conventional stablecoin–while simultaneously safeguarding user confidentiality when transacting. This will ultimately bridge the gap between blockchain transparency and TradFi privacy standards–and unlock the full potential of stablecoins throughout the global financial ecosystem.

1USD marks a pivotal moment in Archblock’s journey to revolutionize the stablecoin landscape. As the latest addition to our portfolio of fiat-backed stablecoins, 1USD is more than just another digital asset; it’s a testament to our commitment to driving innovation and expanding access to financial opportunities.

Stablecoins have become the backbone of the crypto ecosystem, and with 1USD, we’re opening the doors to a new era of privacy-enhanced stablecoins that will redefine the way we interact with digital assets.”

Christian Walker, Director of Partnerships of Archblock

Native stablecoins are an important addition to blockchain ecosystems, yet not widely adopted by growing layer 1 blockchains. With the addition of Archblock’s 1USD, Aleph Zero aims to provide stablecoin

Making waves and putting privacy-enhanced stablecoin expertise into practice with 1USD

The Aleph Zero Foundation is partnered with the Digital Euro Association alongside Ripple and with Stablecoin Standard. Through these partnerships, Aleph Zero is already playing a role in shaping the private and public digital euro–and the future of digital money in Europe and beyond. This means a commitment to collaborating closely with the DEA in developing the future of privacy-preserving and compliant stablecoins–that work for both users and regulators. 

Now, with the arrival of 1USD on Aleph Zero, we’re putting this expertise into practice and unleashing all the possibilities of privacy-enhanced stablecoins for users and developers alike. 

“Aleph Zero is excited to welcome 1USD as the first stablecoin on our privacy-focused blockchain. Our platform is built on the principle of enabling users to transact with confidence, knowing that their personal data is protected by advanced privacy features while remaining fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

The launch of 1USD on Aleph Zero represents a significant step forward in the evolution of stablecoins, offering users the stability of a fiat-pegged asset, the privacy they expect from cash, and the assurance of full compliance.”

Matthew Niemerg, Aleph Zero Co-founder

Overall, Aleph Zero’s emphasis on data confidentiality and rapid transaction speeds, coupled with the stability offered by 1USD, is fostering the ideal environment for a diverse array of new applications. These span from secure financial transactions to privacy-preserving DeFi solutions.

In collaboration with Archblock, 1USD on Aleph Zero is set to drive the next wave of innovation around privacy within blockchain space. For more information on 1USD and Archblock’s wider portfolio, visit their website here.