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Communicating Crypto Through Design. Podcast Key Takeaways. 

Sep 28, 2023

In the most recent episode of the Aleph Zero Podcast, listeners will be able to meet Mateusz Górecki, the Creative Lead at Aleph Zero, who will share his thoughts and experiences regarding the role of design in crypto. 

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Too Long; Didn’t Listen

  • Mateusz Górecki has been with Aleph Zero since the very beginning, giving him a unique insight into the development of design not only in Aleph Zero but in the broader crypto space. 
  • He believes design should be simple and straightforward to reduce the complexity of blockchain into understandable pieces. This can be done through:
    • Infographics
    • Videos
  • The novelty of cryptographic solutions is the main challenge when communicating with a broad audience. 
  • Companies must establish the tone, values, and story of the brand and stick to it without jarring tonal shifts. 
  • Mateusz Górecki initially believed the Aleph Zero Ecosystem should be consistent in terms of style and design, but he has since changed his opinion and sees the ecosystem as a colorful universe akin to Marvel or DC. 
  • AI will not supplant the role of designers anytime soon; it will just be another tool in the arsenal of artists to work faster and more creatively. 

The Evolution of Marketing in the Blockchain Space

Due to his presence since Aleph Zero’s inception, Mateusz Górecki has been in a unique position to steer the project’s artistic direction while also keeping the pulse of the broader crypto space. He’s observed that the importance of design and storytelling has grown in recent years, a trend that Aleph Zero has not ignored. 

According to Mateusz, the concepts underlying blockchain technology are complex and difficult enough to understand that the design and branding used by blockchain projects should be simplified as much as possible. This explains Aleph Zero’s dedication to a clean, simple style that communicates the core company values. Some of Mateusz’s favorite tools to communicate with crypto audiences include:

  • Infographics
  • Animation
  • Videos

Blockchain projects must establish a consistent tone, story, and conveyed values and stick to this narrative consequently so as to build trust between the business and the user. Also, Mateusz Górecki stresses that different projects must have different approaches depending on their product and user base. For example, a project like Aleph  Zero cannot communicate in the same way as Uniswap or  PancakeSwap, as it would not attract the attention of the customers that Aleph Zero is targeting. 

Building the Ecosystem and the Dawn of AI

As the Aleph Zero Ecosystem was first developing, Mateusz Górecki was of the opinion that the projects building upon the ecosystem should be consistent in style with Aleph Zero’s branding. He has since changed his opinion and is excited about the diverse stylistic choices and designs being promoted in the ecosystem. He now views the ecosystem as a brand universe similar to Marvel of DC, where each project is a unique hero with their own story to tell and a different user base to satisfy. 

Of course, a topic such as AI couldn’t have been missed when discussing design and creativity! Mateusz had an inspiring perspective on the subject, as he rejects the “doom and gloom” theories regarding AI and the future of creatives and instead sees it as another tool in the artist’s handbag to create even more impressive works than previously possible. 

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EP. 13 Communicating Crypto Through Design and Branding

In our newest episode, we meet with Aleph Zero's Creative Lead, Mateusz Gorecki, to discuss the role of design and storytelling in creating engaging brands in the blockchain space and how Aleph Zero simplifies blockchain concepts to make them understandable to everyone.