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MOST: Public Testnet Launching on April 17th

Apr 15, 2024

The bridge between Aleph Zero Testnet and Ethereum Sepolia Testnet will be available for public testing on April 17th.

The team developing MOST has finalized milestones leading to its Mainnet release. After concluding external audits, it’s time to launch the Public Testnet.

First, here’s a status update: The audits conducted by Hats Finance have been successfully completed, and we’ve also concluded an additional audit for the relayer by Kudelski Security. We are now nearing the code freeze phase, marking the final steps before the release of the Mainnet.

MOST Public Testnet – the testing plan

The Public Testnet marks the milestone of testing the bridging infrastructure together with Aleph Zero users. The testing will also involve:

  • Testing the Advisory for Relayer in various configurations;
  • Continuing security testing;
  • Performance and stress testing;
  • History disruption and sync handling;
  • Continuing the UX and UI testing and gathering more user feedback;
  • Continuing integration testing;
  • Non-functional deployment and update procedure testing;
  • Infrastructure optimization. 

While the development of the off-chain part of MOST might still require additional changes, we have reached the point of code freeze of the on-chain part. This means that although some improvements might still be introduced, they won’t be related to fixing the code per se.

After concluding these tests, MOST can be safely released to the Mainnet. The testing will last for just as long as required to ensure secure operation. Stay tuned!