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Testnet 13.1 Zahir Hotfix release: addressing bug reports

Mar 5, 2024

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just deployed Testnet 13.1 Zahir.

This version is a hotfix for several small bugs discovered in the previous version 13.0. The detailed changelog can be found in the Release Notes here

The new key improvements of the Testnet 13.1 Zahir Hotfix Release include:

– Fixing false-positive equivocation panics;

– Rectifying the underflow of consumers counter;

– Fixing gas overcharging when performing cross-contract calls;

– Adding the `staking.nominations_quota` runtime API;

We want to give a big shoutout to everyone at 1deltaDAO who helped spot and rectify some of these issues!

As always, we ask all Testnet validators to update their nodes promptly. The update procedure is the same as usual: `aleph-node-runner` users need to stop their docker containers and re-run the `` script, and users building from source should switch to the `r-13.1` tag in the `aleph-node` repository.

Once again, thanks to the community for all your continued support!