Aleph Zero: Public Blockchain with Private Smart Contracts
This information was contributed by users and is NOT VERIFIED by the Aleph Zero team. Please note that the core Aleph Zero team is not responsible for the success or failure of projects building on top of the network as the platform is, by its very nature, permissionless. The verification program by the team includes performing a KYC procedure on all core team members and ensuring that the project code is open-sourced and audited by an independent third party.

Space Capital

Investment fund

Space Capital is a VC firm offering capital, talent and expertise to promising crypto, DeFi and fintech projects.

Space Capital operates within a network of private investors backed by supporters from our private community pool who simply don’t have time for the usual trend-chasers, bandwagon hoppers or pump-and-dumpers. They believe in the disruptive force of innovation and are passionate about providing the adequate venture capital to the right kind of projects.

February 10, 2022