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Investment fund Launchpad Incubator NFT

This is a cross-chain NFT marketplace dedicated to the works of independent artists and women and citizens of low-tech countries.

In developed countries, there has been a rapid growth of blockchain technology since 2009. But even then, not everyone is able to adopt this technology because of its ambiguity and complexity. For blockchain to be vastly adopted, there is a need to incorporate as much aspect of real life, as possible into it. This can only be done by looking beyond blockchain-based currency as just a digital currency when they in fact be more than just that. Spaciou is interested in using blockchain technology to develop the current face of art. To do this, we are organizing talks, lectures, and conferences across world regions with little participation in blockchain technology with women particularly in mind. We look at onboarding aspects of life that will benefit most of the world's population. Our aim is to incorporate into the blockchain, education, arts of manufacturing, and daily trade to digitalize daily living even more. Spaciou is both a product and an enlightenment campaign, to digitalize arts that are otherwise not represented in technology, by organizing conferences to teach and onboard their artists into the NFT space. Spaciou is interested in the unique arts such as caving, sewing, sculptures, historical artifacts, and remains.

Jan 6, 2023