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Learn about the Aleph Zero fundamentals, listen to recaps from our event talks, meet the ecosystem builders, and get insights into developing Web3 products. Let's realize the mass adoption of digital assets together.

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EP. 21 The State of GameFi: DAOs, NFTs, and Mainstream Adoption

In our newest episode, we meet with Juan Rivera Perez of Revv and Lukasz Plewa of DRKVRS for a thorough dive into the GameFi landscape. We'll look at the forces and trends shaping the future of gaming, such as the role of DAOs and play-to-earn, as well as the challenges that need to be overcome before we see our first Web3 AAA game.


EP. 3 Blockchain Gaming: Exploring The DRKVRS MMORPG With Lukasz Plewa

The third episode of the Aleph Zero Podcast revolves around DRKVRS, a gloomy, adult-themed metaverse MMORPG currently being developed on the Aleph Zero blockchain. We'll meet Lukasz Plewa (Head of Blockchain & Economy at DRKVRS) to discuss the game's progress and the major trends and ideas pushing the Web3 gaming space forward.