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Learn about the Aleph Zero fundamentals, listen to recaps from our event talks, meet the ecosystem builders, and get insights into developing Web3 products. Let's realize the mass adoption of digital assets together.

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EP. 13 Communicating Crypto Through Design and Branding

In our newest episode, we meet with Aleph Zero's Creative Lead, Mateusz Gorecki, to discuss the role of design and storytelling in creating engaging brands in the blockchain space and how Aleph Zero simplifies blockchain concepts to make them understandable to everyone.


EP. 12 Exploring the Ecosystem Funding Programs Milestones & Values

In the 12th episode, we meet with Magdalena Oleksy and Piotr Moczurad, who are responsible for the headway made by the Ecosystem Funding Program (EFP). Expect to learn about the progress the EFP and the onboarded use cases have made, as well as about the values the program wishes to uphold for creating an invigorating Web3 ecosystem.


EP. 11 Compliance, KYC, and AML in Crypto and Its Role in Blockchain Adoption

In the 11th episode of the Aleph Zero Podcast, we meet with Gatenox's Pawel Kuskowski to discuss the regulatory landscape, including KYC and AML laws. The almost hour-long talk examines how these regulations affect the crypto space and how their adoption will allow more businesses to become interested in the industry.