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Learn about the Aleph Zero fundamentals, listen to recaps from our event talks, meet the ecosystem builders, and get insights into developing Web3 products. Let's realize the mass adoption of digital assets together.

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EP. 4 Building Novel Solutions for Decentralized Online Identities in Web3: AZERO.ID

In today's episode, we meet with Mike Schneider and Dennis Zollman, the co-founders of AZERO.ID, to discuss domain naming systems and how they can benefit Web3 users by simplifying onboarding and online identity management.


EP. 3 Blockchain Gaming: Exploring The DRKVRS MMORPG With Lukasz Plewa

The third episode of the Aleph Zero Podcast revolves around DRKVRS, a gloomy, adult-themed metaverse MMORPG currently being developed on the Aleph Zero blockchain. We'll meet Lukasz Plewa (Head of Blockchain & Economy at DRKVRS) to discuss the game's progress and the major trends and ideas pushing the Web3 gaming space forward.


EP. 2 The Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program Explained

The second episode of the Aleph Zero Podcast is a throwback to one of our Twitter Spaces, during which we explored the Ecosystem Funding Program and how it invigorates the network. 
We've met with Interlock, Block54 Capital, AZERO Domains, Angel Block, and others to explore what building an ecosystem in Web3 is all about.