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EP. 10 How Aleph Zero Prevents MEV in DeFi Protocols

The 10th episode of the Aleph Zero Podcast is all about the maximum extractable value (MEV) challenge, in which we will dive into the details of transaction ordering. Joining us will be Filip Bielejec, Ph.D, who will explain the good, the bad and how Aleph Zero aims to prevent the adverse side effects of this phenomenon for blockchain ecosystems.


EP. 9 Diving Into sMPC in the Context of DeFi and Blockchain Security

In the ninth episode of the Aleph Zero Podcast, we meet again with Damian Straszak to continue our exploration of cryptographic techniques used to ensure user privacy. This time around, we'll be diving into secure multi-party computation (sMPC), a solution that has the potential to give us a truly private DeFi space.


EP. 8 What Are Zero-Knowledge Proofs? Their role in Web3 and DeFi

This episode of the Aleph Zero podcast is dedicated to the concept of zero-knowledge proofs. We'll be joined by Damian Straszak, Ph.D., one of the developers at Aleph Zero, to discuss these cryptographic primitives that allow us to share proofs of knowledge without revealing any sensitive data. We'll also look at the real-world applications of this technology in the Web3 and DeFi space.