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Aleph Zero Bridges: MOST public repository now available

Jan 24, 2024

Dive into the code and discover how Aleph Zero’s MOST will work to enable interoperability and bridging to Ethereum. 

With the work on MOST progressing smoothly, we’re excited to open up the code repository for the public.

You can check it out on GitHub. 

The public components of the code include the Aleph Zero contracts, namely: 

  • The main bridge contract;
  • A contract for making governance decisions about the bridge contracts on Aleph Zero;
  • A contract for informing the guardians about Ethereum gas prices;
  • A PSP22 token implementation for the tokens created by the bridge. 

We’ve also worked on Ethereum contracts: 

  • The main bridge contract; 
  • A contract for making governance decisions about the bridge contracts on Ethereum;
  • A wrapped Ethereum implementation for testing purposes;
  • An ERC20 token implementation for testing purposes; 

And a relayer — a component responsible for the actual bridging between the chains. 

While the code in the public repository is enough to setup an instance of the bridge, we are keeping some additional infrastructure-related code private for security purposes.

As a reminder, MOST is a bridge between Ethereum and Aleph Zero, drawing inspiration from the most simple and secure designs in the space, MOST is poised to help make Aleph Zero’s strategy robust and more independent while addressing the immediate concerns of interoperability. It’s a guardian-based bridge, with each guardian maintaining two instances of the setup — one for the Testnet, and one for the Mainnet. Eight guardians will be onboarded in total, enabling sufficient decentralization of this product.

For more information about MOST, please refer to the Aleph Zero interoperability article

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